The range of social skills in High School students is almost as wide as the early elementary years. There are students who are mature and on a great path to college. There are students that are just trying to find who they are and what group they fit in. There are students who are disconnected from school or cannot manage the everyday challenges that face them.

The teaching of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to high school students is probably one of the most important times. There is a lot of information that the subjects of reading, language arts, science, and social studies cannot teach. Things like how to study for a test, how to be an independent reader, how to break up with a boy/girl, how to resolve a fight with your parents, etc. These skills are important because this may be the last time that the student is in any formal daily structure to learn the little life lessons.

What Works

We recommend to any of teachers, social workers, counselors, or psychologists working with this age to present the skills in real world ways. For this age, the use of character traits, job skills, college and career readiness skills, and social justice topics sparks the student’s interests and gives real world application.


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