Middle school students can often seem like aliens. They are all at different stages of physical development. The same is true of their social development. Some students still struggle with managing impulse control, communication skills, responsible decision making, and/or empathy. The impact of social media on conflict resolution and bullying behavior has gained much attention over the past 5 years.

Many schools are now requiring educators to teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to their students. You many have been told to integrate these lessons into your daily curriculum. You may have been given a scripted program to teach your students some of the skills that are required. Either way, I am sure you are struggling to find engaging ways to captive the middle school student’s interest.

What Works

We recommend to any of teachers, social workers, counselors, or psychologists working with this age to present the skills in fun ways.  For this age, the use of role playing with real scenarios, book studies, journal prompts, and videos are a great way to teach each skill while keeping it interactive and fun.


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