I have a confession….I LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE! It is one of my favorite places to find things for my students that don’t break the bank. On my last visit I was on a mission to find things that I could use an example to send to my parents to build there very own Calm Down Box at home. I found over 10 items at the Dollar Tree that I would recommend to parents so they could have some of these items at home.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or have any affliate links with Dollar Tree. This is my own experience and opinions. I share them with my followers as  helpful tips.

Spongy Emoji Rubber Balls

These rubber balls are both soft and light weight. They are a little over 2 inches round. Perfect size. I adore that they also are emoji’s to help my students to calm and get back to positive thoughts.

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Fuzzy Plush Hedgehogs

Even the boys love these adorable hedgehogs. They are soft and the best tool for students who need a little down time with a furry friend. I also let my students hold them during group time if they are feeling anxious or having a difficult time sitting.

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Bubbles with Wands, 3-ct. Packs

These bubbles are a nice size for small hands. I like to keep this in my emergency bin when I need a distraction when a student is really upset. The quality seems fitting for this price. Especially when little hands seem to spill the bubbles often 🙂

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Colorful Magic Cubes, 2x2x2 in.

These cubes are the right size for students to occupy their brain during a break. They come in multiple patterns but the smiley face one is my favorite. What a better way to reinforce smiles and positive vibes.

Silly Putty

It is not often that my dollar store has name brand items. I was able to pick up several of these for my calming bins. I like that the putty is easy to use and a little harder than the slime. When I bring this out the Occupational Therapist always smiles because she knows the students hand muscles will get a great workout. Perfect for helping with handwriting 🙂

Microfiber Wash Mitt

I have several types of clothes from the dollar store. I find that each student has a preference. My students who love texture to calm really like these mitts. The bright color also helps to be sure that everything gets put away when done.

Relax – Color by number with Music

I thought this was a find. It is a color by number but comes with relaxing music you listen to while coloring. My older students love to relax before or after a test and I find that by copying and handing out these sheets gives us a great group or individual activity.

Make-It Blocks Assorted Building Blocks, 48-ct. Packs

These rubber balls are both soft and light weight. I adore that they also have smiley faces to help my students to calm and get back to positive thoughts.

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Glitter Play Slime, 2.25×2.75 in.

Slime is all the rage. This is the perfect size for little hands to use. My students like to use this after they have completed their work. It is a great incentive.

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Colorful Laser-Finish Magic Springs, 2.75 in.

These springs are a great saver when a student needs something to occupy them while waiting. I love that they are plastic and come in bright colors.

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