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Your toddler or preschooler lives in the moment, but they can still feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness for Little Ones helps children ages 2 through 5 move toward healthy coping skills and behaviors with playful, developmentally appropriate activities. Designed to tap into your child’s innate curiosity and boundless energy, these fun activities promote the repetition, sensory play, and positive emotions that develop mindfulness for kids.

This useful collection of activities approaches mindfulness for kids with:

  • Learn with fun―Dance, wiggle, create, and explore with playful activities that engage the senses and nurture positive emotions, empathy, and self-awareness as mindfulness for kids is instilled.
  • Not just for kids―A co-regulation guide helps parents and caregivers model mindfulness, even when little ones act out.
  • Mindful organization―Activities are grouped by themes that support different aspects of mindfulness for kids, from awareness of the body and emotions to cultivating joy and empathy for others.

By developing mindfulness for kids, toddlers and preschoolers alike will acquire the core skills they need to grow and thrive.

Video Highlights of the Book

Nice Resource for young kids!

This activity book is a resource to teach skills to your little ones to be a mindful child. She goes over things to help your kids to be mindful of one another and to help control their emotions.

-Renee K

Truly geared toward every year from 2-5

Author Hiedi France is an expert in her field, and she guides the reader through 30 fun exercises for little ones. I particularly appreciate her introduction, which offers a detailed difference between each age in development, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The attention span increases slightly, language and communication gets stronger, and social interaction a bit more nuanced and aware.


Starting Mindfulness early leads to joy!

I am a big fan of mindfulness at home and in the classroom. I currently teach preschool, 2-5 year-olds. We practice mindfulness often at school. This book was a perfect complement to what we already do. It offered ideas centered around themes or types of mindfulness and focused on how to get children moving to help them be more aware of themselves and others.

-Amber K Webb

Fun and Calming!

All of these activities are perfect for little kids and very helpful to get them thinking more carefully about their moods and actions! Each activity has clear instructions for the parent, a list of materials needed (if any), a “messiness” gauge, as well as prep time and how long the activity lasts. I love all that helpful information. It makes the book easy to get started and simple to use.

-Kailey Bradley

Fun and Engaging Activities!

There are materials lists and clear steps for each activity, along with ‘swap’ ideas if you want to adapt anything for your child’s specific age, likes, and dislikes. These ideas are perfect for any parent or caregiver to implement, but as a homeschooler, I find them to be perfect for ‘morning basket’ time.

-The Learning Table