Hiedi France

June 1st, 2021

Hiedi France, Ed.D., is a school psychologist and author who has devoted her career to helping children succeed. She is also the founder of Behavior Savers which makes easy to use social emotional resources for educators, therapists, and parents.

Enjoy our collection of terrific behavior management tips and advice from experienced educators. It is our hope that every teacher, both new teachers and veterans, can find some tidbits of wisdom to help them in their classroom. We celebrate all those educators that spend his or her days making a difference in the life of every student.

Behavior Saver #11-Greet Them

“Good Morning!”

“How are you?”

“Happy Monday!”

Those words may be the first kind thing your students may hear. Connection is the number one preventative behavior strategy there is. The easiest way to connect with your students is to greet them!

What it is:

This is not a complicated strategy. You don’t need any materials or training. Just greet your students. The hardest part of this strategy is that you need to be present. That means when your students enter the classroom or leave the classroom you are by the door or in the classroom greeting them. Take note on who might be sluggish or have lots of energy. It’s a great way to get a quick snapshot of how your students are doing social-emotionally.

Additional Tips:

  • Use their name to make the greeting individual
  • Ask about important things that might have happened the night before like a game or activity
  • Challenge them to stump you with a word of the day or question
  • Have Fun!

Want more ideas of how to use this strategy? Click here to download a free 30 day Greeting Challenge.

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