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WonderGrove Review

Product Review: WonderGrove Learn What Is It? WonderGrove Learn has online videos aligned with the Common Core State Standards for grades PreK-2nd grade. It uses engaging animated characters to teach specific skills to students. The animated videos are each about 3 minutes which is perfect to get the students attention and deliver a message.

How to Teach Young Students to Get Along

Do you have students that have a hard time playing with others? Do you keep having to settle conflicts at recess or free time? Are you tired of saying, "Just play nice." When students start school, it is often their first experience with having to get along with others. Unfortunately, many students in Kindergarten through

5 Simple Ways to Engage Students During Social Emotional Lessons

Are you teaching social emotional curriculum but feeling a bit let down by student’s participation? Do you wish your students were a little more engaged? Here are 5 tips to liven up and reengage your students: 1. Smile…If you are not having a great time the students will pick up on it. Some of the

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