Tie Dye Masks

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New Territory

I must be honest and say that buying school supplies is the pinnacle of my back to school planning. New flair pens are my jam! New notebooks…amazing. Showing up on the first day of school and opening the supplies I ordered in May…seriously best day ever! This school year, I experienced a new back to school adventure. Now my family has not always shared my joy. My husband, who teaches in college, and teenage son just don’t see the joy of flair pens and crisp new notebooks…all together take a collective gasp! I know. However, as we venture back to school in a new era, I was sad that my soon to be freshman daughter, who does share my love of back to school supplies, did not feel the need to rush off to shop for supplies that she may never or rarely need to use this school year. I was in the store and found these lovely white cotton masks. The light bulb went off. I got the best back to school activity. Let’s tie dye these and have some fun. We invited my teenage niece and we decided to not only embrace the masks but make them our own. It was fun. It was the best back to school activity that not only brought us together but gave us something to anticipate as we thought about the new school year ahead.

Make Your Own



Tie Dye Kit

Notes: Be sure to buy 100% cotton masks. Although other material will accept dye, cotton is the most stable. Also, most tie dye kits come with everything you need like aprons, gloves, table clothes, etc. If not, be sure to either do this outside or wear old clothes that you don’t care will get dye on them. Trust me the dye does stain anything it touches. You can also buy single color dye and do a bunch of masks one color. We liked the multi-color and single colors that allowed us to color masks however we wanted.


Tips: Use a container or sheet pan when dying the masks. We used both and rinsed out the container between colors. This helped us to conserve the dye and keep colors separated.


My favorite products for this:


Tie dye


Hope this helps to build a little excitement into your back to school planning. I know it did for us!



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